„FRIENDS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!“- Prayer-humanitarian aid action

date: 26.08.2016.

Parish office Međugorje, Local community Medjugorje, Bijakovici, Humanitarian Association “Mary’s Hands”, Campanile – Mostar, Public kitchen of Fr. Didak Buntic – Mostar are initiating the action of prayer and humanitarian aid:

We are all aware of the news when earthquake of 6.2 magnitude affected region east of Rome: Latio, Marche, parts of Umbria in the night of August 22 and 23, 2016, when hundreds of people were killed, wounded and many houses, homes and roads destroyed in several mountain villages and towns.

This is a very difficult moment for our friends from Italy, especially in places affected in earthquake and we wish to say to them: Friends, you are not alone! We would like to express deepest condolences to all families who lost their loved ones, and our prayers to Heavenly Father go for those who died in this tragedy!

We would like to help in material way too and that is why we invite all those who are able to help in the material way in this action. All contributions are welcome to be left in the parish office Medjugorje, Information Office Medjugorje, or via account:

Humanitarna udruga „Marijine ruke“

Gospin trg 1, 88266 Međugorje

ID: 422789970006

Payments from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Raiffeisen bank, Zmaja od Bosne bb Sarajevo

Žiro račun: 1610000163330066

Payments from abroad

Raiffeisen bank: Zmaja od Bosne bb Sarajevo


IBAN CODE: BA391610000163330066

N.B. – once paying please state „Help for Italy“

 We plan to give money to the Embassy of Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday, September 2, 2016.