Albert and Marie-Thérèse de Theux – Medjugorje in Benelux

date: 18.04.2005.

Albert and Marie-Thérèse de Theux from Bruxelles (Belgium) are at the head of the initiative called “Groupe Contact Medjugorje Benelux” which is bringing together numerous Medjugorje-groups in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. They are also editing a leaflet called “Medjugorje Belgique” published in 25.000 examples, and which is a fruit of the committed work of a group of friends. In this service they succeed to Robert and Dorothee van Holm and Jacques and Ute Costermans who, because of health conditions, had to give up the active spreading of Our Lady’s messages.

«Groupe Contact Medjugorje Benelux» organises every year in spring and in autumn meetings of the Medjugorje pilgrims at Banneux and Beauraing, two Marian shrines in Belgium, where Our Lady appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. The local bishop is regularly participating in the meetings in Beauraung, with the explanation: “Where my faithful gather together in such a number in order to honour Our Lady, I want to be present.” (Interview: preparing)