Ceremony of the solemn promises of Medjugorje Franciscan Youth

date: 27.01.2014.

Young people, members of the Franciscan Youth from Medjugorje, will give their solemn promises during the evening Holy Mass at 6 p.m. on Sunday, February 2, in the church of St. James. The Franciscan Youth is active in Medjugorje since 1995, and it grew out of the prayer group that late Fr. Slavko Barbaric led. The first meetings were held oon Fridays, after the evening Holy Mass and that remained the same in all of these years. In the first days there were only 35 members and today there are 100 of them. Initially, they were only meeting for prayer and in the following years, their programme has expanded even more. The only active group in the beginning was music group, and late professor Martin Pero Boras was their leader. Young people would work in the groups, share their opinion about a certain topic and meetings would be concluded with hymns and prayer. Today, there are many sections and groups like: music, drama, reading, prayer, creative, caritas, sports and eco group. These young people are contributing to many events in the parish of Medjugorje and their work indeed brings many fruits.