Cliffored Azize and Charles Kinnane : „We came here to make a new story about Medjugorje”

date: 07.08.2013.

Many people of various vocations and professions from all over the world came to give a testimony at the Youth Festival. Among them we found two young men from the United States, from New York and their names are Cliffored Azize and Charles Kinnane. It was couple of years ago that two of them established production company “Grasfids Films” that films documentaries and one of the most famous works of their production is movie Child 31. This moving documentary speaks about the great project of organisation “Mary’s Meals” that helps more than 700.000 children in sixteen countries throughout the world. Thanks to donations and huge help of numerous volunteers who are trying to resolve one of the greatest problems in these times – hunger, but in the way that meal is provided at the schools and in that way children are encouraged to education.
Cliffored and Charles are at the moment filming movie about Medjugorje. “It is something new for me that right here Mary, Gospa, has opened her arms to us as a Mother. Sometimes it is hard to live our faith and that is why I think that people need to come here and feel Mary’s presence and love”, said Cliffored. Charles told us that before they came here, they investigated the story of Medjugorje and he continued: “We think that this is very impressive story. Two of us came to make a report, one new story about Medjugorje. We would like to tell our story in a special way and we hope it will touch people throughout the world.”