Fr. Vidal Lodriguez Lopez in Medjugorje

date: 27.06.2008.

Fr. Vidal Lodriguez Lopez, ofm, Rector and Vicar of the Pontifical University Antonianum in Rome, was in Medjugorje in June 2008.

For five years now, he is in charge of the Antonianum and of about one hundred Franciscans from all over the world, from different countries, languages, colors and cultures who are studying in Rome, and then going back to their countries in order to evangelize.

He considers that an intellectual and theological training at all levels in necessary because of the responsibility of the priests in front of the Gospel and of God’s people. The Church wants us all to be responsible and to have a solid intellectual education which can give answers to those who are seeking God. Saint Bonaventure said that one cannot study theology without a spiritual life. Theology is neither medicine nor mathematics, but God’s revelation of a spiritual nature. The whole life of a believer, especially of religious and of priests, should be penetrated by faith.

“I came to know Medjugorje through the Franciscans from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina who are studying in Rome. This is why I came. In an international house as ours, it is most important to listen to others and to respect the experience of the others. I have heard so many beautiful and good things, and I am coming here with open eyes to see this undeniable phenomenon of faith. So many are coming here to seek Jesus. We are all tired and hungry. I am also coming here to meet the Franciscans who are working here. Some of them I already know from Rome. I see that they are working a lot and doing a good work, and this is very important. We have to offer to the faithful a good and serious pastoral life.”