Holy Mass on stadium Kosevo was completed

date: 06.06.2015.

Sarajevo, (IKA) – The Eucharistic celebration, celebrated by Pope Francis at the Olympic stadium Kosevo, with around 65000 faithful from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and other countries ended yesterday a little before 1 p.m.

When the prayer after communion was said, the host of Holy Father, Archbishop and Cardinal of Vrhbosna Archdiocese, Vinko Puljic, said the words of thanks.

„Thank you for your presence among us. Thank you for your prayer with us and for us. Thank you for the words of shepherd you gave us, on behalf of all of us gathered here: all cardinals, bishops, priests, religious brothers and sisters and on behalf of all the faithful, but also on behalf of all representatives of the government and representatives of various lives of society and of all people of good will, I am greeting you from the depth of my heart”, said Cardinal Puljic, and continued, "with your prayer, we united our voices not just on this stadium, but also together with thousands of those who are with us through various media. I am sure that not only Catholics were praying but all others, each one in their own way, even those who do not regard themselves as a agnostics. We thank all media for being at our disposal in this event and for serving to goodness”, said Cardinal Puljić. (photos)