Josip Friščić, Vice-president of the Croatian Parliament, visited Medjugorje

date: 03.04.2008.

On Wednesday, April 2, after an official visit to Mostar, where he assisted at the opening of the International Fair, Mr. Josip Friscic, vice-president of the Croatian Parliament, visited Medjugorje. He was accompanied by Mr. Ivo Jerkic, mayor of Citluk. Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic received him on behalf of the Parish priest who was unfortunately absent.

After a moment of prayer in the parish church, Mr. Friscic gave an interview for Radio Mir Medjugorje. He said that, before his present function, while he was a District Prefect, he used to come to the Mostar Fair, and always found time for Medjugorje, because he needs not only physical, but also spiritual food. He underlined that he regularly goes to pray in different Croatian shrines like Marija Bistrica, Trsat, Sinj and Međugorje.