May – the month of Our Lady in Medjugorje

date: 01.05.2018.

Months of May and October are devoted in a special way to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Let us never forget to thank Our Lady for all the blessings we received and the best way to do that is by regularly participating in the evening prayer programme, by praying the Rosary on Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain.

Rosary is every day in the church of St. James at 5 pm, and the evening Holy Mass is at 6 pm, Rosary on Apparition Hill is at 2 pm on Sundays and the Way of the Cross on Cross Mountain is also at 2 pm every Friday. In these first days of May, the Information Office registered groups from Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Denmark, Reunion, Trinidad, Switzerland, Latvia, Brazil, Portugal and Belarus. (photos)