Project „Križevac” in Malawi, the fruit of Medjugorje

date: 23.07.2015.

Vince Owen from England u came to Medjugorje for a pilgrimage with his family. He came here for the first time in 1988, and he gladly accepted to share his experience as well as to tell us more about the project called "Krizevac/Cross Mountain". This is what he told us: "We work in Malawi on a project Cross Mountain. The connection of Malawi, England and Cross Mountain is quite interesting as it unites few different stories. One of those is connected to my uncle who came in 1983 to Medjugorje. He found and experienced peace on Cross Mountain and changed his life completely after that visit. He got the idea of bringing that peace to the others and he was thinking of constructing the Way of the Cross on one hill in England. However, there was not much interest for that project. On the other hand, I lived in Malawi in the early 90's and worked as a volunteer for five years there. My uncle came once for a visit and later he watched a movie - "Friends of Medjugorje in Malawi." He made a contact with one woman who was in that movie and two of them together decided to make a replica of Cross Mountain in Africa.  Only few months afterwards on hill Michiru, next to town Chilomani in a very poor region of Africa, they were able to place a cross identical to the one in Medjugorje and they also opened Children's centre of Mother Therese. After I came here again I realised we need  to have bigger connection to Medjugorje as all of this was a fruit of Medjugore. One of the reasons why we made a cross was because many people cannot come to Medjugorje and in this way they have a piece of Medjugorje where they can pray and experience peace.  Thousand of people began coming here and soon the church they had became too small. They were longing to have a bigger church and soon they built new church identical to the one here in Medjugorje - the church of St. James. Then we got the idea of constructing one big Way of the Cross along Africa that stretches through 14 countries. So far we were able to complete Cross Mountain in Africa besides the one in Malawi and we hope to finish the others in the near future. We hope and pray those centers will become places of peace, prayer and conversion. All that is the fruit of Medjugorje."