date: 13.12.2011.

Three-day seminar was held from December 9th to December 11th, in house of prayer and encounters – “Domus Pacis” for members of music groups of local Franciscan youth.  This seminar was organized by Branch Council of Franciscan Youth with Fr. Josip Vlasic, Branch Spiritual Assistant as the main leader and with two seminarians Fr. Marin Kracic and Fr. Zvonimir Pavicic who assisted him throughout the retreat. There were forty-one members of Franciscan Youth who participated and they came from fifteen different branches (Suica, Tomislavgrad, Rosko Polje, Kongora, Posusje, Posuski Gradac, Kocerin, Drinovci, Ruzici, Humac, Medjugorje, Citluk, Cerin, Mostar, Siroki Brijeg).
The purpose of this retreat was to enhance Franciscan youth in understanding liturgy and to accept singing as important contribution to beauty of the Eucharistic celebration.  Fr. Marin and Fr. Zvonimir who are conductors of choirs in Dubrava (Zagreb, Croatia) taught these young people about techniques of singing and warming up their voices and they spoke to them about criteria of choosing specific songs in various celebrations. They also shared with them new “Holy Mass for Youth” and few other hymns. All participants were thrilled with the programme of this retreat and said that they will benefit from all these experiences.