The experiences of participants of the Fourth International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities „In Mary's School“

date: 12.06.2015.

Pilgrims from Ukraine are participating at this 4th International Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities. „Last year we only had one bus from Ukraine and this year we have three and all thanks to good people. We were able to see in the concrete deeds that love and goodness exists. As we were travelling back to our homes, we were renewed in the spirit and our faith was more profound as well as our hope deepened. We received strength to carry and to accept crosses; we brought decisions to pray and to live Gospel. Today we came here from the various parts of Ukraine, those who live very close to the war zones are with us. Please remember us in your prayers, as we came here to pray to the Queen of Peace to give peace to us and to our country.” We also have members of the Association of Dystrophic Persons, Invalids and Cerebral Paralyses from Cakovec who came here for the second time. „Our Association has 600 members and around 50 of us came here this time. We were so joyful and really content and filled with faith during our last visit to Medjugorje. We hope to receive more blessings this time as well. We are praying for our hosts and all people who meet us here “, said President of the Association Miljenka Radović.