The first group to visit Medjugorje from Shanghai (China)  

date: 16.05.2006.

Ella Poon from Hong Kong, living and working for 6 years now in Shanghai, came to Medjugorje in May 2006, with a group of friends currently living and working in Shanghai.

This is her testimony.

Ella Poon: “I came to Medjugorje for the first time in May 2001, and I stayed here for two weeks. I felt a deep inner conversion before returning to China, where I was at that time head of an advertising agency. While here, I began to appreciate Our Lady as a person who is so loving and gentle, and I just wanted to spend more time here and get to know even more about her.

During my first stay, I learned very much about Jesus through Mary. I felt a deep love for Our Lady, and I had a strong desire to come again, to stay longer and to learn more. Since then, I came once or twice each year, seeking the food to satisfy my spiritual hunger. Every time I come to Medjugorje, I feel as though I am in intensive training! Wherever there is a lesson or a lecture, I go and listen. Last May I received the grace of both a physical and a deep inner healing here in Medjugorje. It happened on the mountain, at the time of the apparition. I experienced a dramatic return of my energy.

Over lunch or during dinner, whenever I met my friends from Hong Kong or Macau who also work in Shanghai, I would tell them about my own experience in Medjugorje, together with what I had heard from others there. They were quite impressed and they said: “The next time you go, can we join you?” They did not know anything about Medjugorje, but they had the courage to come without knowing what to expect. Originally I wanted to come with a cozy group of about 10 friends. However, others joined in, and I couldn't refuse them. Finally, we numbered 23 from Shanghai, but that swelled to a total of 32 when their relatives and friends from overseas were counted. This wasn't an organized pilgrimage as such, but a mere consequence of prevailing circumstances!

Here, they have started to pray the Rosary and they really like it. After being here for a few days and having heard the testimony, one adolescent who lives in Canada told his parents that he wants to be baptized.

I believe that they all are happy to be here, and that they are also ready to share the benefit of their own good experience with others.”