The parish choir „Queen of Peace“ preparing for the 35th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions

date: 16.06.2016.

The parish choir „Queen of Peace“ has been active in Medjugorje parish for the last 26 years. Singers work hard throughout the whole year when they practice new compositions and those adopted before. Many feasts throughout the year bring always more intensive preparations. The significant day is always Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions and the parish choir is always more engaged in that period, as they wish to contribute to the celebration by their more solemn singing.

Sr. Irena Azinović was our guest in the radio programme of our station and she spoke about the on-going preparations for the 35th Anniversary: „When I discussed preparation for this event with our parish priest and suggested we include more intensive programme, he suggested we invite orchestra to join us, to accompany our choir. I agreed and our singers were thrilled at that proposal. We are intensively working on this programme, we want to prepare in the best possible way”.

The parish choir „Queen of Peace“ will sing on the Eve of the Anniversary, as well as on the Anniversary, June 25th, along with the Symphonic Orchestra from Dubrovnik, conducted by maestro Domenik Brisko. He said in the programme of our radio that this is the first time they do something with the choir from Medjugorje, and that he is very excited about this project. „I am very glad I’ve been invited. I can see beautiful cooperation and good atmosphere during rehearsals. It is important as that creats conditions for good music to be produced too”, said maestro Briški.