Theatre performance “In the years of the famine” held in Medjugorje

date: 20.01.2014.

The theatre performance “In the years of the famine”, created by Fr. Ante Maric, and directed by Tina Laco, was held in the Hall of the Blessed John Paul II in Medjugorje on January 19, 2014, before the large audience. This theatre performance is made on the theme of the difficult time of famine in the beginning of the 20th century here in Herzegovina, when one priest, Fr. Didak Buntic, despite many problems and difficulties that he encountered, was able to save several thousands of poor and hungry children. He took thousands of children to Slavonia and saved them from the definite death. Fifteen actors, members of Croatian Cultural Art Association Didak from Gradnici, took part in this theatre performance and Fr. Marinko Sakota was among them in the role of Fr. Didak Buntic. After the performance ended, he said that it is really hard to act in the role of Fr. Didak, but much harder to live him in our lives. “This crew is really amazing, and it was beautiful to work and to prepare for this. This Hall was filled completely and people have recognised that something serious and professional is at work.” Even though all actors were tired after rehearsals that lasted for many days, all actors were evidently happy and content that this performance was again held after nearly one year pause. Andrijana Zubac, the member of Didak Association, who had role of mother in this play said that the first performance was held in 2011, when they wanted to contribute to the manifestation “Days of Didak”. “I can see that this performance was successful and I am really happy. We had performance that speaks strongly about the character of Fr. Didak. In the beginning we had the audition when actors were chosen and after few months, with help of Tina Laco, this performance was completed and the first premiere was held in Gradnici in October, 2011. We had extremely good feedback that none of us had ever expected. After that initial success, we had two performances in Citluk, then in Ljubuski, Siroki Brijeg, Mostar and Capljini. What followed was a period of recess for one year and we never thought that we would ever perform again. After we received the invitation from Vinkovci, where the festival of amateur theatres is held every year, we decided to participate and also to perform here in Medjugorje, where we had never performed before.”