Youth from Kocerin walked to Medjugorje

date: 29.03.2017.

On the feast of the Annunciation, Saturday, March 25, around 80 young people from the parish of Kocerin walked to Medjugorje. The pilgrimage was filled with the prayer, joy and communion. They departed around 8 am, and arrived to Medjugorje around 4 pm. YouFra Kocerin organises each year their pilgrimage to Medjugorje. Iva Gaspar, the president of YouFra and vice-president Jelena Sesar, gave interview to our radio station and spoke about their experiences. Jelena recommended to all young people to try this once.

„There are so many blessings to be received and coming to Medjugorje, once can truly feel the presence of Our Lady, so we all want to come back again each year. It is wonderful to come here, especially during the Lent, which is a holy time for us. Here we have opportunity for confession, we prepare for Holy Mass and for celebration of our Lord. We frequently come here and our YouFra Herzegovina organises seminars very often here. Regardless of whether we come with Franciscan Youth or with our families, we return home joyful and fulfilled each time.”