„I pray to be able to bring more children each year to Međugorje“

date: 18.09.2015.

The Association of St. Francis is active ever since 1993, in Romanian town Deva, in the region Erdely, and it was founded by Franciscan priest Bojte Csaba. The home for orphans, children without parents is also part of this Association. There are 196 children in this home and the director of the home, Mrs. Cecilia Palko, who brought around 50 children for a pilgrimage to Medjugorje past week, all thanks to good people. She said that she was grateful to the Lord for this given pilgrimage and in the programme of our radio station Mir, she spoke about the orphanage, its founder and children who are there. Together with her there were two girls from the home,  13-years old Katalin Moldovan and 14-years old Laura Segarceanu. Mrs. Cecilia said that during her first visit to Međugorje she felt she should bring the children from the home as soon as possible, or at least some of them. Thanks to good and generous people, this came to be. She said: „I spoke to my colleagues and children about the apparitions, how Gospa was close to us. I know that Gospa is with us. Each year I pray that I can bring more and more children to this holy place. That is why I feel it is not just enough to thank all those who help me bring children here “. Katalin said that she lives in this home for the last ten years: „I am very happy to live in a home. I came here to pray to find my parents before I turn 18, to start loving them and not be angry at them. I love Cross mountain so much and I went to Adoration last night. I was so impressed by the faith of the people who prayed before the Blessed Sacrament“. Laura said that the greatest joy for her is to be in Medjugorje and added that she prays for all those kids who were not able to come here“.