A young pilgrim Joelle Modard: „Message of Medjugorje is very strong and encouraging'’

date: 05.08.2014.

Joelle Modard, 21 years old young girl from Switzerland participated in the Youth Festival and this is her 13th time in Medjugorje. “As a little girl, I used to come here with my parents and I come also in the times when the Festival is not held. Medjugorje is miraculous, I find my peace here and I have many precious memories regarding Medjugorje”, said Joelle about her experience and emphasised that every time she discovers something new. “It is such a powerful confirmation for my life. The spiritual life of the youth in Switzerland is very poor, in every parish there are only one or two young person active in the spiritual life and that is why we decided to have encounters with the youth from our region who are asking for and seeking God’s presence. We are organising the spiritual events because it is better to be in the communion, rather than alone in the parish. Medjugorje is here to show to the youth and to those older ones as well that the faith is still alive. Personally, it helps me live my faith upon my return home. Message of Medjugorje is very strong and encouraging; it invites people to love and to communion. It is nice to see so many people from all over the world. It was very moving to see so many nations coming here to seek for the grace and peace for them and their countries.”