Benedikt von Perger: „The Adoration is the most beautiful for me”

date: 04.08.2014.

Benedikt von Perger, 16 years old young man from Germany arrived to Medjugorje for the Youth Festival. He said that he is in Medjugorje for the 16th time and was thrilled to see this great number of people who were surrendering to God, but said that the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the most beautiful for him, when all young people in silence adore Jesus and look at Him – Jesus in the tabernacle. He also told us: “It is so hard to make young people do something in silence because whenever they go out, there is loud music around them and they are all gathered in the complete silence. I am so impressed by that. I am here every year and this is what fulfils me. The spiritual life of us, youth that come from Bavaria, is rather poor, in my parish young people hardly go to the church, the churches are empty and only older people are in them. No one ever goes to the confession. We came here by bus and it was beautiful to here that some people in the beginning were witnessing how they confessed after many years and that was something that set them free. Sadly, some priests in Germany when it comes to the confession just wave their hand and say that it will all be all right. This is where the emphasis is placed on confession: Confess yourselves, people; it is something that will set you free! When I see full confessionals here, I am rejoiced by that”, said Benedikt and added that he loves being in Medjugorje. His mother was coming here before he was born: “Medjugorje became everyday reality for me and that is why I gladly come back here. I am rejoiced that priests are coming here as well, since this fortifies them for life in their parishes and I can say: ‘People, I was in Medjugorje, I experienced something there, you have to go for confession, you have to pray the Rosary, you need to consecrate yourselves and you will discover the love of God!’ Therefore, if priests came here as well as politicians and people who are working in the public institutions, this world would then be completely transformed.”