Came by bicycle from Kloštar Ivanić to Međugorje

date: 23.09.2015.

Two friends, Darko Jurković and Miro Vasilj from Kloštar Ivanić came by bicycles to Medjugorje on Monday, September 21, just before the beginning of the evening Holy Mass. They travelled for 540 kilometres in 4 days time and they did not have any detailed or specific plan for this trip. It was all work of the Providence of God. They told us how some people were surprised by their decision to take this trip because of their age. People were encouraged after hearing about their intentions and the purpose of the trip.  „We started this trip on September 18, after Holy Mass and the blessing, we would like to thank Mother Mary for all of the gifts. It is beautiful experience to travel in the prayer, to come here by bicycle, as it was opportunity for us to discover ourselves in a completely different way.”