Came by bicycle to Medjugorje on the 24th Youth Festival

date: 01.08.2013.

Jasna Mihelić and Klara Ćurić from Požega, and Vanja Bajivić and Ana Antolić from Virovitica came by bicycle on July 31st to Medjugorje so they would participate in the 24th International Youth Festival. Their journey was 700 kilometers long and it took them seven days to come here. They first prayed at the Statue of Our Lady so they would thank Her for safe and blessed journey. “We are happy to be here and we will most probably repeat this pilgrimage again.” Klara decided to do this because of penance and to thank God for all she has in her life. “I was also moved to come here like this because my father also came to Medjugorje nine years ago by bicycle to fulfill wow he gave to Gospa. He was seriously ill and he said that if gets better, he would come to Her by bicycle. I hope to come here next year again with my dad so we would celebrate 10 years of his first pilgrimage.” Klara came here couple of times before by bus and this is her first time to be here for the Youth Festival.