Came from Italy by bicycles for the 35th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions

date: 22.06.2016.

Nicola De Li Borio and Giovanni Soria are pilgrims from Italy who came from Italy by bicycles to Medjugorje. It was a long and very demanding journey of 1400 kilometres and five friends accompanied them. They arrived to Medjugorje on June 19, after having travelled for nine days.

Nicola was our guest in the programme of radio „Mir” Međugorje and said: „I came to Medjugorje with my dear friends who accompanied me to this beautiful place. That was two years ago and I was fascinated with Medjugorje and what I felt was on the edge of real. In those days, I spent time watching people who were coming here and I could see all of them were bringing here their burdens and difficulties. One night, as I sat outside the church, I saw a group of people arriving on bicycles. We began conversation and I found out they came from different towns. The other night, as I was at the Holy Mass, I decided that if I ever return here, it would be on a bicycle. It was not easy to organise such trip, as I needed to ask for a help from different people, the distance was quiet demanding too, 1400 kilometres. I looked for someone who would ride a bike with me and I found Giovanni who is with me now. Two of us resolved the technical and logistical part of the journey and my friends who brought me here two years ago helped me in that”.

Giovanni Soria came to Medjugorje for the first time and this is what he told us about the trip here: „People who helped us come here were friends of Nicola. A year and a half ago, he proposed the idea of this trip to me and my first response was negative, I did not feel like doing this. But, he insisted a bit more and he wanted me to be the person who would come with him. I never had religious pilgrimage in my life before and surely I did not feel like doing this. But now, I absolutely feel I need to thank him. He insisted so much on this and I could not say no to him. Now I see that I will come again here to feel all of this as this is really beautiful experience for me.” (Radio „Mir” Međugorje) (photos)