Danko Kustura from Split: “One’s heart is filled with love, joy and peace in Medjugorje”

date: 12.02.2014.

Danko Kustura from Split came to Medjugorje for the first time soon after the apparitions have began and continued coming at least twice a year ever since. He lived all of his life as a Christian, but it was the apparitions in Medjugorje that have strengthened his faith. He regularly reads Catholic newspapers, and despite his modest pension allowance, he gladly gives a gift of annual subscription to “Glasnik mira”, monthly bulletin from Medjugorje, to his family and friends. He said that news about Medjugorje have spread so fast in the very beginning and he came here on April 10, 1983 for the first time. “I was surprised when I saw huge crowds of people that came by buses, cars and that have also walked to this small poor place in Herzegovina. Even though it was so crowded, yet there was order and peace that could not be made by human influence. It was something that was the work of dear God! During the day, pilgrims prayed aloud in groups in the area around the church, and yet no one disturbed each other and no one was ashamed to pray aloud like that. Simply, one really felt like in paradise there at that time! The church was always packed and we always sang together, with joyful and lifted heart, especially hymn to Our Lady of Medjugorje, we always sang as one, whole and united soul! Danko also added how he used to climb Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain always in his bare feet and had never felt sharp rocks or thorns. “It was as if I had always walked on soft, cotton carpet, never on sharp and solid rocks of Herzegovina. The highlight was Holy Mass and prayer over sick that late Fr. Slavko Barbaric led. It was impossible to return home without being changed. This is where heart was filled with such love, joy and peace.”