Fr. Antonello Cadeddu: „We see that after Medjugorje, people are changing, desire for prayer and Eucharist is reborn in them”

date: 12.02.2015.

Italian priest Fr. Antonello Cadeddu visited Međugorje. He has been a priest for 33 years and for the last 20 years he has been active in Sao Paolo in Brazil. Along with one other priest, Fr. Enrico, he established community „Alleanza di Misericordia”,  that takes care of the poor and abandoned families living in the street. He comes to Medjugorje as a spiritual assistant of pilgrims. “Since 1981, I always heard about Medjugorje in Italy. I was not too interested in that, as I was involved in many activities. I came here after one group of pilgrims invited to me to accompany them as a spiritual guide on their pilgrimage to Medjugorje. After that, I returned to Brazil and in April 2000, I was again invited to come here with Fr. Enrico. I remember one journalist who came here out of the curiosity and he was here just for few days and immediately Medjugorje changed his life. I cannot tell what happened in his heart, but he was completely new person. We see that people change after coming here, that desire for prayer and Eucharist is born in them. I think that Medjugorje is responsible for that, just like in the other places where Our Lady appeared, where the simplicity of everyday life is so evident.” Fr. Antonello said that the messages that the Queen of Peace gives are the simple messages touching our hearts that help us walk and grow on our spiritual journey: „I feel that Our Lady is helping us all, that She is helping our community and all other people in the world to live the word of God, Eucharist, Holy Scripture. Those simple guidelines that Our Lady gives us are strong spiritual directions for every person. That is what I see with the people we meet in the streets, when we offer them five stones that Gospa gives us, they are full of joy – Eucharist, Rosary, Bible, fasting and Confession. Those are the basic messages”, said Italian priest Fr. Antonello Cadeddu.