Franciscan School Sisters – seventy years in the Parish Medjugorje

date: 17.04.2005.

The 70th anniversary of the presence and of service of the Franciscan School Sisters in the Parish Medjugorje (1935 – 2005) was celebrated on Sunday, April 17, 2005, with a solemn Holy Mass presided by Fr Branko Rados, parish priest, and concelebrated by 19 priests, among whom also the Franciscan OFM Provincial, Fr. Slavko Soldo. The sisters were singing during Mass. After Mass, in the New Hall, there was a special program organised for this occasion. Numerous parishioners responded to the invitation, in order to express their gratitude for the precious contribution of the sisters in the life of St. James’ Parish. Fr. Branko expressed this gratitude in words. In the program participated two parish choirs, “The Little Doves of Peace” and “The Choir of the Queen of Peace”, as well as the choir of the Franciscan sisters.

Sr. Slavica Kozul, the superior of the sisters serving in the parish, says: “During these 70 years, about 78 sisters were serving in the parish. Today, we are seven. The sisters are giving catechism classes, working in the Parish office, taking care of the sacristy, the parish household, the parish pharmacy, the choirs, the kindergarten, children in difficulties… Before the apparitions, there were only two sisters working in the Parish, but as the circumstances have changed, the needs became bigger. The sisters are devoted, they are working joyfully, praising God, working for the good of our people, of the pilgrims and of al those who are coming.”