From Budapest (Hungary) to Medjugorje on foot for Saint James' feast

date: 24.07.2008.

Among many other pilgrims who are visiting this place of prayer and peace during summer, these days we have noticed a middle-aged and vital lady holding a pilgrims’ staff, a gourd, Our Lady’s picture and a Hungarian flag. In the other hand, she is holding St. James’ statue in stone made in Medjugorje. Around her neck, St. James’ shell brought from Spain , when she went walking to St. James’ tomb six years ago.

Her name is Annamaria Vecsey, she speaks very well Croatian and she is coming to Medjugorje as a pilgrim for many years now. This time, she came on foot. She left Budapest on June 16, and she arrived in Medjugorje on July 20. The idea to come to St. James on foot was born last year during her pilgrimage to Medjugorje, and it joins the project of Radio Maria, which desires to connect different Marian shrines.

The witness about her pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela is already on Internet, and she hopes to publish it one day in form of a book. She is grateful to all those who helped her on the way. She is staying in Medjugorje with a group of Hungarian pilgrims during the Youth Festival. She is infinitely grateful to Our Lady and to St. James for having arrived healthy and safe to Medjugorje, for having fulfilled her vow. Now, she can happily go back to her family.