Humanitarian Association „Mary’s Hands” from Medjugorje celebrates their second anniversary

date: 02.07.2018.

Humanitarian Association “Mary’s Hands” was founded in July 2016, in Medjugorje, with the purpose of helping to the poor and all those in need of help. Prior to establishment of the Association, these members were active in Medjugorje for three years in office for those in need. Their activities are response to the words of the Queen of Peace: “Also today, I call you to be love where there is hatred and food where there is hunger. Open your hearts, little children, and let your hands be extended and generous so that, through you, every creature may thank God the Creator.” (Message of Our Lady given on September 25, 2004)

More than 90 volunteers joined this Association in a short period of time, mainly young people from Medjugorje and Brotnjo who wish to give their time unselfishly to brothers and sisters in need. The members of the Association meet on regular basis for prayer meetings, working meetings and they actively participate in this Association.

„We thank all who were involved in our projects up to now and helped us to do good and to bring hope, spread love and peace. With your help, we are happy to be extended Mary’s hands”, said representatives from this Association.

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