Impressions of the participants of the 1st Pro-Life Seminar in Medjugorje

date: 17.06.2016.

One of the participants of the 1st International Pro-Life seminar in Medjugorje that finished on June 19, 2016 is professor Elizabeta Rezić from Mostar. „I decided to come here as I support and love life, my life, spiritual life and life of all of the people, above all God who gives us to get to know Him through our own lives, God who opens various ways for us. God gave us Fr. Ante and Zrinka, so we would see the world from male and female perspective, how two of them perceive life and how they both connect us with it”, said prof. Rezić.

Darko Pedić from Zadar is also here on this seminar and he said he always wanted to come here. „ I am even ashamed a bit for never having been here before. It was accidental how I saw add for this on internet and this turned to be perfect opportunity to come here with my wife. ”