Married couple from Karlovac: Medjugorje is the capital of gentleness for the whole world

date: 10.09.2015.

Married couple from Karlovac, Katarina and Mladen Skukan decide to spend their holiday every year in September by coming here for a pilgrimage. They were our guests at the radio Mir and they said that the first time they arrived here was 4-5 years after the apparitions began. „During the first visit to Medjugorje, I felt special peace and it remained in my heart. This is where one rests his soul with Gospa. This is where we pray and this is the true holiday for me. I think t hat Medjugorje is the capital of gentleness for the whole world. We will leave from here soon, but we are trying to spiritually live Medjugorje in our homes and at our working places “, said Mladen, and his wife Katarina added that the purpose of their holiday is only to seek for God: „I remember my first time here. I was a bit jealous at my husband as he had described Medjugorje in a much nicer way than I had experienced it for the first time. I was trying to see for a long time why that was like that. It was one priest who told me that it was God's grace, that we cannot do anything according to our own will“, said Mrs. Skukan and added: „Every day while we are here we climb Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain and we participate also in the evening prayer programme“.