Medjugorje and 31st Anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions

date: 19.06.2012.

In the week of Our Lady’s anniversary, the Information Office has registered groups from Germany, the United States, Italy, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Ireland, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Poland, Singapore, Portugal and Lebanon. Each one of those pilgrims has his own story regarding Medjugorje phenomenon. Testimony of Fr. Oliver Devine from Ireland is an obvious proof of the grace that is poured on pilgrims who come to this place. He came to Medjugorje in 1985, for the first time, and he said: “This is where I receive new strength and new faith each time. I know that Medjugorje has influenced my vocation as a priest. Whenever people ask me why I decided to become a priest, I always tell them it was because of Medjugorje and because of what I felt here.”
Our press members also met a group of 24 athletics who ran relay race from Bergamo, Italy to Medjugorje. Every person ran for 50 minutes and 4 campers accompanied them at all times. When they left Bergamo with lit torches, they all ran for the first mile together and they did the same during their last mile to Medjugorje. “When we entered Medjugorje, our sports adventure was finished and we started our spiritual journey”, said Marco Previtali from Bergamo, and this is his first visit to Medjugorje.