Message of Cardinal Schönborn to the youth

date: 05.08.2016.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn from Vienna, our dear friend, remembered us this year too. This is his message:

Dear young brothers and sisters! After wonderful days spent at the World Youth Day with Pope Francis in Krakow, it is my joy to send to you in Medjugorje my special regards! You again gathered in such great number and answered Gospa's call and you are prepared to allow Her to lead you again to Jesus. In this holy Year of Mercy, you can bring all to Her and Her Son. Everything that burdens you, everything that hurts you, all those falls and omissions, all of your successes and everything that brings you joy: NOTHING can separate us from Christ's love that is beyond all senses. Please think about this: Jesus really loves YOU! He knows and understands YOU! He forgives YOU and takes YOU strongly into His embrace. Gospa is your mother and She is watching over you! May these days be blessed for you! Please pray for our dear Pope Francis! Yours, Cardinal Schoenborn!