Motorcyclists from Split on pilgrimage to Medjugorje

date: 26.04.2009.

On Saturday, April 25, took place in Medjugorje the pilgrimage of motorcyclists organized by the Christian association KUP-KARMEL. Among many others there were members of the club „Fjaka“ from Split. The club was founded in 2003, and counts 26 members. We asked Oliver Kolovrat about this pilgrimage:


What means Medjugorje to you personally?

I could speak a lot, I support this shrine. When I see how many young people gathered here in one day, I have nothing to add.


Have you already been to Medjugorje?

Yes, as a kid, and later also. I was not coming during the last years, but I am here now and I hope to come again.


What would you say to young motorcyclists?

Ride freely, respect everyone, be careful and do not ride without a helmet on your head.

Ivana Zovko