On foot from Ravensburg (Germany) to the Holy Land

date: 22.06.2008.

Philip Knorr (68) is walking from Ravensburg (Germany) to Jerusalem. He started his pilgrimage on Monday after Pentecost, May 12, and arrived to Medjugorje on Friday, June 20.

His first big pilgrimage was in 2005, when he became retired. He went then from Ravensburg (Germany) to Lourdes (France) and Compostella (Spain) to Fatima (Portugal). It took him 4,5 months. He decided then to go on foot to Jerusalem.

On his journey, Philip Knorr is completely independent. He is pulling a little trolley, which is fixed around his waist, in which he has all that he needs for sleeping and preparing his food. He always sleeps outdoors, whatever the weather may be.

What is he doing while walking? He said that he is speaking with God. Sometimes he is angry with Him because of the bad weather, and then he thanks Him for the sunshine. He always walks in the same rhythm, ten to eleven hours a day. According to the old tradition of the pilgrims, he has a notebook with the stamps of the churches where he was praying, and the signatures of the parish priests. The next important stop on his journey to the Holy Land is the Holy Mountain Athos in Greece.

Mr. Knorr had four children and six grandchildren.

He did not seek any publicity for his pilgrimage, because it is done for spiritual reasons.