Pilgrimage from Slovenia to Medjugorje

date: 14.04.2015.

A large number of Slovenian pilgrims have been in Medjugorje during the past few days. Fr. Miodrag Kekić, is the assistant priest in the parish of Ljubljana Dravlje. He has been to Medjugorje on several occasions with pilgrims and he told us something about his experience: “Medjugorje means so much to me; this is where we have received a huge grace. I was 16 when I came here for the first time with my parents. My parents changed after that pilgrimage and began to go to church more often. The conversion of my family took place. I would like to say to everyone who has not been to Medjugorje to come as soon as possible, in order to meet faith and people who are seeking for God with all of their hearts.” We talked to Toni Kmet, a priest from the Maribor Archdiocese, who has been to Medjugorje more than 80 times. He told us: “It has been nine years since we have been coming here. Our pilgrimage is four days long and people gladly return here. I remember my first time in Medjugorje during the days of the war. I felt a special peace here back then.” Both of these priests came this time as spiritual guides of the Slovenian pilgrims.