Radio station „Mir” Međugorje is reporting about the coming of Holy Father to Sarajevo

date: 05.06.2015.

Everything is ready for the coming of Holy Father to Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday, June 6, 2015. The journalists of radio station „Mir” Međugorje had opportunity to talk to Cardinal Vinko Puljc, the Archbishop of Vrhbosna Archdiocese. „I am rejoiced that the positive atmosphere is all over this town and our country, and we are especially joyfully expecting blessings that will come from this visit. The theme of this visit 'Peace be with you' is a quotation taken from the Gospel that Jesus said to the frightened apostles in the hall of the last supper. I see us in that situation, we are all fearing before the future and many issues of what will happen to us. Now Holy Father's visit brings us that message and it is exactly what we need. Pope said that he is coming to support construction of peace and dialogue. I believe his attitude will challenge domestic and world politicians to stand up for peace. I believe his message will give us principles for the future life”, said Cardinal Puljić in his interview to radio station „Mir” Međugorje. This station prepared special programme for its listeners during this visit of Holy Father to Sarajevo.