Rudolph Karg: „Coming to Medjugorje changed my life”

date: 09.03.2014.

Rudolph Karg, 57 years old man from Germany has been coming to Medjugorje ever since the beginning of the apparitions. He witnessed that in 1984 his sister explained Medjugorje in details and he came here because of her. He said that it was that trip that changed his life: "I came here and realised that Gospa has been coming to this place. That was a great gift for me" said Rudolph who together with his friends and organisation had helped many places in Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war.  „We understood all problems and difficulties of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina very quickly. In humility I need to admit it was all because of Medjugorje. I feel blessed to be here. Medjugorje is something really impressive and simple and I got the gift to understand Medjugorje with my heart. I am no longer discussing anything with other people, I only say to them to come and to experience Medjugorje. I always try to bring young people here”. Rudolph also participated in the 21st International Meeting for organisers of pilgrimages, group leaders and prayer and charity groups that was held from March 3-7 in Medjugorje.