Shoes for the refugees

date: 20.06.2008.

Jacques Bousquet from France came 57 times to Medjugorje. He came for the first time in the first years of the apparitions, when the name of Medjugorje was not to be found on any map yet. He remembers those days, and how the pilgrims were close to the Franciscans and the visionaries. They could be very close to them during apparitions. He remembers Fr. Slavko Barbarić who was transmitting to the pilgrims the spirit of Medjugorje. He remembers how those experiences gave him the certitude that Our Lady was really here.

When the war broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he asked the Franciscans from Medjugorje – precisely Fr. Ivan Landeka, the parish priest - how to help in this difficult situation. Fr. Ivan asked him to bring - shoes! Mr. and Mrs. Pouget founded then in France a humanitarian association called “Le defi”, which was improvising convoys and bringing shoes to Medjugorje once a month – all together more then 20.000 pairs.

Jacques Bousquet underlines how happy he is for having been able to do some good.