The experiences of 5th Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities in Medjugorje

date: 11.06.2016.

Đurđica Mađar from Vinkovci came to the 5th Pilgrimage for Persons with Disabilities and she is representative of Association Bubamara. „I am a mother of 15 years old boy Marko, who has cerebral paralysis. This is the fourth time for us to be here. Each time I need to organise trip here, I feel as if I cannot do it anymore. However, after hearing feedbacks from all of our members who say that they cannot wait to come here and who live for this event, I always gladly engage in organising this. We have in our group a child who is 2, as well as people who are 70 years old, and we have various diagnosis and illnesses present too. Our group is made not only of the members of Bubamara Association, but we have Croatian war veterans and invalids, people with rare illnesses too. I come to Medjugorje and am drawn each time by the title of this pilgrimage  „In Mary’s School“, and whenever I turn around, I see that I am not the only mom who has disabled child and I am not the only one who returns from Medjugorje with long-lasting feeling of peace, with the strength and beauty in my heart and soul, to help me deal with all problems around myself“, said Mrs. Đurđica.