The First Holy Communion in Međugorje

date: 30.05.2016.

After having completed religious preparation, 65 children (36 boys and 29 girls), received the sacrament of the First Holy Communion in Medjugorje parish on Sunday, May 29 at 10 am solemn Holy Mass. The main celebrant was Fr. Vjekoslav Milićević, and celebration was more beautiful thanks to the sinigng of children's choir from Medjugorje parish «Doves of Peace». Children took part in this Holy Mass by recitals and prayers they recited and they presented gifts at the altar as well. Confession for parents and children as well as for the youth that received Holy Confirmation was on Friday, May 27. Fr. Marinko Šakota, the parish priest, congratulated children and their parents for the gift of this solemn day: „Little children, I am congratulating you from the depth of my heart, your parents and your families too. I thank all, sr. Irena Azinovic and all others who participated in the preparation of this day.” Fr. Vjekoslav said at the end: „We thank God and His gift, His love He gives us in the Eucharist we live, which is the bread of life for all of us. We need to be witnessing to these children with our lives; we need to show them why it is important for them to continue with this, because through this we live, love and breath as Christians. We need to show that we meet Christ face to face in His sacraments and we cannot live without that. We thank religious teachers who prepared these children for this day, Sr. Irena, Sr. Iva, Sladjana and Sr. Marina who was with us today.“