The fourth International seminar for doctors and medical workers held

date: 07.05.2016.

The fourth international seminar for doctors and medical workers held in Medjugorje gathered around 160 participants from 13 countries and was concluded on Saturday, May 7, with celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The seminar began on May 4 and Fr. Ivan Ike Mandurić was the leader. The theme of this seminar, as well as of all others held in this year was: „Be as merciful as your Heavenly Father is“ (Lk 6, 36). Besides participating at the lectures and the exchange of the experiences, participants took part in the evening prayer programme of Medjugorje parish. On Thursday morning they prayed the Way of the Cross on Cross Mountain, and on Friday they climbed Apparition Hill to pray the Rosary there. Fr. Ike was our guest in the programme of radio Medjugorje and this is what he said: „This Year of Mercy inspired many to start thinking and to talk about mercy, to initiate many seminars and spiritual renewals. When we talk about God and God’s love, we talk about mercy, and that is what is all about. Medical workers are especially connected to this theme as they are in the constant relation with man, with those who are anxious, suffering, in pain and in fear of dying. It is very important for all medical workers to find inspiration and strength to be able to bring mercy in action to all in need. It is not just job for them, it is calling where one needs to give himself as a person. They are all in need of encouragement.“ Pharmacist Dubravka Mandić, born in Ljubuški, lives now for 40 years in Zagreb and came for the third time for this seminar: „Each year I return from Medjugorje with peace we all need and it fulfils me for the rest of the year. I am really happy and content I can put away this time for God and for this spiritual renewal.“ (photos)