The programme of the International Prayer Meeting for the Youth, Wednesday, August 3

date: 05.08.2016.

The central event of this day, August 3, was the evening Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Ivan Penavic, newly ordained priest, member of Herzegovinian Franciscan Province, while Fr. Ivan Ike Mandurić, member of Jesuit Society in Croatia, gave the homily. There were 446 priests concelebrating and 416. 200 viewers watched the programme in live streaming.

After the evening Holy Mass, the Procession with the Statue of Our Lady in the shape of a heart was held outside the White Dome of St. James’ church. After the Statue was brought to the Altar, the Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament began. Like each day, huge number of priests were available for the sacrament of confession.

The morning programme consisted of prayers given by Fr. Marinko Sakota and Fr. Ivan Ike Manduric gave catechesis on God’s mercy and sacrifice. Then, testimony was given by Robert Rukavina who with his wife Nada expects tenth child. Together with Association KUP Karmel from Zagreb, he organizes family pilgrimages to Medjugorje, along with Marijana Rasic who also testified about the fruits of that pilgrimage. She said that Medjugorje was her home.

The Association Mary’s Hands was also presented, they take care of the poor in the parish and in region and presentation was done by Jakov Colo, Medjugorje visionary. We had opportunity to hear testimony of Mijo Mioc, about his healing in the community Merciful Father from Bijakovici, community that late Fr. Skavko Barbaric established.


Francesco Vaiasuso from Italy gave his testimony in the afternoon part of the programme. All until he was 31 years old, he was completely unaware that he was possessed, until he met Fr. Matteo La Grua, who prayed over him and it was discovered that his body, mind and soul were tormented by Satan and 27 legions of demons. From that moment, the everyday battle for his liberation began, while demons made his life total nightmare, destroyed him, his marriage and all other relations. After many years and many exorcisms performed on him, the reason of his possession was discovered: it happened during the event in his early childhood. This very moving testimony brings personal confession of man who was possessed, but after long and difficult battle, he experienced full liberation.

Viktor Neugebauer from Hungary, member of the International Choir and Orchestra also spoke and the final testimony was given by Franjo Lovrić, participant of pilgrimage for peace on bicycles from Medjugorje to Padua. (photos)