The spiritual renewal for Medjugorje parishioners completed

date: 09.02.2015.

The spiritual renewal conducted by Fr. Damir Pavic, parish priest from the parish of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary in Brestovsko, was held in Medjugorje from February 6-8, 2015. The spiritual renewal began on Friday, February 6 with the evening prayer programme. Fr. Damir was the main celebrant every night during the renewal and he also conducted various lectures for the parishioners. He spoke about the sin and about the mystery of the Cross as of something that is related to every Christian: “Dear brothers and sisters, let us accept the cross, let us seek from the Lord, that through the intercession of His Mother, our crosses may be easy, that the yoke may be easy and that it may bring us to life. We can reject the cross that it becomes for us heavy wood of cross that suffocates us and presses us to the ground, but at the same time it can be a joy once we accept it and therefore it can bring sweet fruits for our soul. Let us listed to the voice of our Mother Mary, let us not pretend that we know better than She does what is good for us. When you see a little child, what does the child know about what is good for it? Who knows? His mother knows and that is why we should be listening to Mother, as there is no other safer way for salvation. As St. Louis de Monfort said, Mary is the safest, the easiest, the fastest way how to reach Jesus, how to come to His grace.”