The spiritual retreat for the priests in Medjugorje to be held from July 8-13, 2019

date: 05.07.2019.

The spiritual retreat shall be held in Medjugorje from July 8-13, 2019. As in the previous years, several hundreds of priests shall take part in this retreat and in the prayer programme held in the church of St. James.

They will also pray the Rosary on Apparition Hill and Way of the Cross on Cross Mountain and visit Fr. Slavko’s grave. The theme of this retreat, as well as of all the other events held in this year is „Follow me!“ (Mk 10, 21).

This is the 24th retreat and the lecturer is Fr. Marinko Sakota, parish priest of Medjugorje. Also, Archbishop Henryk Hoser shall speak and give daily catechesis to the priests.

Parishioners of Medjugorje have also this year provided accommodation and food for all the priests, participants of this retreat. Detailed programme is available here.