Traditional procession through Medjugorje parish

date: 04.08.2013.

The traditional procession with thousands of young people from sixty different countries took place on Sunday, August 4, 2013, after the evening Holy Mass, as a part of the 24th International Youth Festival. Procession started from the church with Our Lady’s statue and candles in the hands of participants and followed the main road towards the Apparition Hill, Cross Mountain and ended with the prayer outside the White Dome.
The evening Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Josip Serdjo Cavar with 341 priests concelebrating and Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic gave a homily. He spoke about the strength of love: “Dear young friends! Love, that wondrous power you have within yourselves is prepared to do miracles. Only with love you can discover the beauty of life that is waiting for you, only love can discover the beauty of the Church and only with love you can discover the beauty of faith and sacrifice. Only your love can reveal the beauty of priesthood vocation. Only love can reveal the beauty of your sick friend. Only love can reveal the mysteries of suffering and sacrifice needed for you to receive graduation degree. Only love can show you the way to ideals and way to the future. When you take that harder way of love, that this world will not invite you to take, you will find friends that Jesus Christ will send into your life. You will discover those who will love you with God’s love. Then, once you take the road that love will prepare before you, God will open your future as the solemn carpet before you.”