Walked from Zagreb to Medjugorje

date: 06.08.2013.

Marijo Jerković, Petra Grancarić and Antonija Rebrina walked from Zagreb to Medjugore and it took them sixteen days for the journey of more than 500 km. It was Marijo who initiated this trip after he read some of the testimonies from Medjugorje, among those one about lady who walked from Poland and about pilgrim who converted in Medjugorje and became a priest. Our young pilgrims began their pilgrimage on July 11, 2013 and were very impressed by goodness of the people they met on their way and who have helped them in many ways. “We received one beautiful experience; Gospa followed us on every step we took. We always carry beautiful impressions from Medjugorje”, they said and thanked all from Zagreb to Medjugorje.