Walked to Međugorje

date: 20.05.2016.

Pilgrims from all over the world are arriving to Međugorje, but it is especially interesting when pilgrims arrive here walking, sometimes for hundreds of kilometres. One of them is Božidar Kelemen  from Varaždin, parish of St. Vid. In his interview for radio „Mir“ Međugorje he said that this place of Our Lady is one of the stops on his way to Kotor, where he plans to finish in his devotion to St. Leopold Bogdan Mandić. Mr. Kelemen said: „I decided to do this pilgrimage in thanksgiving to Jesus, Mother of God and St. Leopold, in gratitude for all good me and my family received. I wanted to connect shrines of Mother of God – Marija Bistrica, Sinj and Medjugorje, and the final spot is the birth place of St. Leopold. This is here special atmosphere, something one needs to experience. I feel big joy in my heart for all this, I pray for my late wife and my family. This is his second pilgrimage to Medjugorje.