We present you the album of Mario Zovko „Ave Maria Sacred Arias“

date: 12.07.2019.

New album of Mario Zovko „Ave Maria Sacred Arias“ is now available in the souvenir shop of the Information Centre Mir Medjugorje, the first album of this author produced since 2007. This project was developed for two years and Zovko is the author of orchestra arrangements and production, vocals were recorded with his old friend Fr. Gordan Bozic, all mentored by another one of his old and good friends, maestro Fr. Dragan Filipovic, while the members of the female vocal group Draca sing as back vocals.

After ten years, Zovko decided to share his work with the whole world. He is very connected to Medjugorje and comes here a few times a year. He thinks Medjugorje is amazing place, where many faithful gather, where God and the Blessed Virgin Mary do miracles on daily basis.

-Pilgrims from all over the world come to this beautiful Herzegovinian place. I wish to share my work with them and to show to the world that our people are more than just good hosts. We have so many talents to present to all the faithful, all these gifts God bestowed on us, said Zovko and added that during the production of this album he did not need motivation like most artists do. His faith in God is the greatest strength and inspiration for him.

-This album is the fruit of the love towards the Almighty God. All of my life, I was strongly connected to the Church, God’s dwelling place that protected me even at the time of the war, sad times I hope no one would have to experience ever again. I grew up and matured, both spiritually and musically along the wonderful priests, who are like my brothers. I plan to record more spiritual music and I gladly answer invitations of young couples that invite me to sing Ave Maria at their wedding ceremonies. 

He has been connected to the Blessed Virgin Mary all of his life and this first project has been devoted to her and to God, both his music CD and the book called: God and I, 1 to 1. He is also the author of the official hymn of Manchester United football team.

-I was in the contact with the Board of this club and this May, my wife and I were solemnly hosted at the Old Trafford. This was indeed royal reception and it seemed like a fairy tale since I’ve been a fan of this club for more than 25 years. I plan to record the entire CD for them and this project was also arranged and should be finalised in 2020, said Mario Zovko who graduated Informatics and Organisation, is employed and in his free time writes music and books, produces and sings.

While he was studying at Sarajevo Music Academy, it was discovered that he has a rare talent of the perfect pitch. He is the winner of many international and domestic rewards - three times he won the prize of the Person of the Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina and once was nominated as the Person of the Year. He also collaborates with many famous world art and music institutions.