Young pilgrim Sean Hickey from Ireland: „I experienced great conversion in Medjugorje”

date: 22.08.2014.

Sean Hickey, 26 years old young man came from Killkeny in Ireland. This summer when he arrived for the Youth Festival was his eighth time. He said that he experienced great conversion during his first visit: „We decided to establish a prayer group in Killkeny and  we brought several hundred young people from Killkeny. We meet every Friday and we pray Rosary and finish with the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. The influence of Medjugorje at the young people is amazing, their lives are changing as well as lives of the people around them and in that way the whole society in Ireland is changing. I am saying this out of my own experience, how I was able to move, change and convert and how I received a guft of personal relationship with Jesus and Gospa. In the same way I look at tue other young people and how they are growing in their relationship to God. Young people in Ireland are distracted with various contents and it is hard to motivate and moge them to these wonderful realities. That is why we bring them to Medjugorje for one week every year so they could share and experience faith with the youth from all over the world, they can see how other young people react and become one with their faith. We can all speak about our experience and witness with our lives, but only through our deeds, others can see and recognise that we are changed. That is when they ask us where did we get it, how did we receive it, they want to feel it themselves and they want to become a part of that joy and they come and join us. I personally think that Medjugorje is the closest place to Heaven on the whole earth and it gives us the peace that we are looking for. As soon as I step out of the bus I feel that, it is just the sight of St. James' church that fills me with great peace. After we all together begin to pray asking Gospa's intercession for us and for our loved ones, we all heal in that peace. That is the strongest message of Medjugorje: peace and love”.