Youth and students from Bistrik, Sarajevo came to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage

date: 10.12.2016.

Bistrik, Sarajevo, came to Medjugorje on a pilgrimage. Their journey On Saturday, December 3, in the first week of Advent, students and youth from began early on Saturday morning, outside the church of St. Anthony. The group was made of the youth that participates in their meetings every Tuesday in their parish, but of all others who wanted to participate. In prayer and communion, they arrived first to Vionica, village that is part of Medjugorje parish and visited family centre John Paul II.

Fr. Danijel Rajić, leader of this pilgrimage, celebrated Holy Mass and nuns and children from the centre joined them all. At the end of the Holy Mass, young people had opportunity to hear more about the life in the centre, as well as the testimonies of God’s providence that is evident in this place a lot. Lunch and social time with children impressed their guest a lot. In the afternoon, this group climbed Apparition Hill. Before final departure to Sarajevo, they all had time for personal prayer and socialising, and then they returned home grateful for this new experience and friendship made in Medjugorje.