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Confirmation in St. James' parish Medjugorje

On Saturday the 9th of June, 2007, Mons. Ratko Peric, Bishop of Mostar, visited the Parish of Medjugorje in order to preside over the 11.00 am Holy Mass, during which he conferred the sacrament of Confirmation. This year, 73 young candidates received this sacrament. (photos)

Objavljeno: 10.06.2007.

Solemnity of Corpus Christi - Procession

On the Feast of Corpus Christi, Thursday the 7th of June, 2007, evening Mass was presided over by Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic. As in previous years, the procession with the Blessed Sacrament through the streets of Medjugorje took place immediately after Holy Mass. (photos)

Objavljeno: 08.06.2007.

Medjugorje in Hong Kong and Macao

In May 2007, a group of pilgrims came to Medjugorje from Hong Kong and Macao. The group was accompanied by a priest, and led by Michelle Yau Ivy (Hong Kong) and S. Claire-Marie (Macao). Lidija Paris spoke with them.

Objavljeno: 01.06.2007.

A Testimony: Mons. Boulos Emile Saadé, Maronite Bishop of the Batroun Diocese (Lebanon)

Mons. Boulos Emile Saadé, Maronite Bishop of the Batroun Diocese in the Lebanon visited Medjugorje on a private pilgrimage from the 8th to the 14th of May, 2007. He accompanied a group of pilgrims along with the Association “Friends of Mary Queen of Peace” from Beirut. Mons. Boulos Emile Saadé was ordained a priest in 1958, and consecrated bishop in 1986. He is in charge of the Batroun Diocese in the north of the Lebanon since 1999. This is what he said:

Objavljeno: 25.05.2007.

The 18th International Youth Prayer Meeting

The 18th International Youth Prayer Meeting will take place in Medjugorje from August 1st to August 6th, 2007. The theme of the encounter is, “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another” (Jn 13:34) (“Dear children! Today I call you to love. Little children, love each other with God’s love…The risen Jesus will be with you and you will be His witnesses.” - Message of the 25th of March, 2005)  (See also: International meetings)

Objavljeno: 24.05.2007.

Peace Marathon „ Let’s run to Gospa“

The first “Peace and Reconciliation Marathon” from Grude to Medjugorje (42,195 meters) called “Let’s run to Gospa“ took place on Saturday the 19th of May, 2007. It was organised by the Kup-Karmel Christian Association in collaboration with the Dinamo-Zrinjevac athletic club from Zagreb (Croatia), and Studio Nada D.O.O. from Ljubuški (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The marathon started in Grude and ended next to Our Lady’s statue in front of the parish church in Medjugorje. Ordinary citizens were free to participate in the Ljubuški to Medjugorje 15 kilometre stretch of the course.

Objavljeno: 20.05.2007.

Interview: Mons. Bernardo Cazzaro, Archbishop Emerito di Puerto Montt (Chile)

Mons. Bernardo Cazzaro, Servant of Mary, Archbishop Emeritus of Puerto Montt (Chile) spent most of his life as a missionary in Chile. At the end of his active episcopal service, he returned to Italy to give support both as spiritual counselor and confessor at the Marian Shrine of Monte Berico.

In May 2007, during a pilgrimage to Medjugorje with a group from Vittorio Veneto, he outlined his impressions of Medjugorje in an interview with Lidija Paris.

Objavljeno: 18.05.2007.

Mons. Boulos Emile Saadé, Maronite Bishop of the diocese Batroun (Lebanon) on private pilgrimage in Medjugorje

Mons. Boulos Emile Saadé, Maronite Bishop of the Batroun Diocese in the Lebanon visited Medjugorje on a private pilgrimage from the 8th to the 14th of May, 2007. He accompanied a group of pilgrims along with the Association “Friends of Mary Queen of Peace” from Beirut. (Interview: in preparation)

Objavljeno: 14.05.2007.

First Communion in Medjugorje

On Sunday, May 6th, 2007, eighty-two children from Medjugorje Parish received the sacrament of First Holy Communion. Their catechists, Sister Slavica Kozul, Sister Petra Bagaric and Sister Iva Bešlić prepared them for this sacrament of unity with the Eucharistic Jesus. The Solemn Mass was presided over by Fr. Boze Milic. The children’s' choir “Little Doves of Peace”, under the direction of Sister Slavica Kozul, embellished the celebration with their beautiful singing. (photos)

Objavljeno: 08.05.2007.

On bicycle from the Czech Republic to Medjugorje for the first anniversary of his priestly ordination

In the beginning of May 2007, Zdenek Fučik, a young priest from the parish of Mikulov in the Brno Diocese of the Czech Republic, decided to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje on his bicycle in order to thank God both for his priestly vocation and for the first year of his priesthood. He received his priestly ordination on June 24th, 2006, which was precisely the 25th anniversary of the first apparition in Medjugorje.

Objavljeno: 07.05.2007.

A story of a late vocation: Sister Rita Marie Sofka, USA

In 1991 after partaking of dinner at my parents’ house, my father asked me to watch a video concerning Medjugorje. I have always loved Our Blessed Mother, so I was fascinated to hear that she was appearing in Medjugorje, and I asked my father if this was truly possible. Ten years had elapsed, and I hadn’t heard one single priest speak about it in a church! My father told me that it was a protestant man who had made the tape. That evening, there was a dreadful storm which prevented me from driving back to my own home, so I spent the night at my parents’ house. During that night, I truly felt Our Lady’s presence in the room. Nothing like that had ever happened to me before. On the one hand, I was excited, but on the other hand I was nervous, nevertheless I felt at peace. Something happened that night. She touched me. That experience remained etched in my mind. Whenever I heard Medjugorje mentioned, the fascination returned.

Objavljeno: 05.05.2007.

Archbishop Emeritus Bernardo Cazzaro visited Medjugorje

In the beginning of May 2007, Mons. Bernardo Cazzaro, Archbishop Emeritus of Puerto Montt, Chile, visited Medjugorje. He came in company with a group of pilgrims from Italy. Since he retired from active episcopal service, Mons. Cazzaro serves as spiritual counselor and confessor in the Monte Berico Shrine near Vicenza in Italy. (Interview in preparation)

Objavljeno: 04.05.2007.

The Order of Malta returns to Medjugorje

On May 1st, 2007, the staff of the First Aid Station of the Order of Malta from Cologne (Germany) and their associated volunteers resumed their annual service in Medjugorje. They will be at the service of the pilgrims and the parishioners until November 1st of this year. The Order of Malta invites any volunteers who wish to be involved in this service to contact them. (See:

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Statistics for March and April 2007

March 2007:

Holy Communions distributed: 69.000

Concelebrating priests: 1.246

April 2007:

Holy Communions distributed: 136.500

Concelebrating priests: 2.565


Objavljeno: 01.05.2007.

The summer prayer programme schedule

The summer Prayer Programme schedule in Medjugorje begins on May 1st.

Praying of the Rosary in the Parish Church begins at 6.00 pm. Holy Mass is at 7.00 pm, followed by the Prayer Programme according to the day of the week. Eucharistic adoration on Wednesday and Saturday is at 10.00 pm. Both the Rosary on Apparition Hill and the Way of the Cross on Krizevac begin at 4.00 pm.

Objavljeno: 30.04.2007.